I am Abdollah Abbasi in Golpeygan in 1962

I spent my childhood to get carpenter’s profession at my father’s working place.
I was 16 years old when I made a violin by three-ply wood from a picture for the first time and learned Violin from late master Asadollah Malek whit it for a few time, sometimes I made Dulcimer and it’s plectrum at that time .
in 1985 I went to Mr. Motalleb Bakhtiary for learning Violin that I saw Setar there for the first time and became interested in making Setar .
Mr. Bakhtiary was blind but he guided me a lot .It didn’t take a long time after making Setar that I made Tar too .From a picture for the first time and making Tar was the cause of getting familiar with Master Zeydollah Tluee .He gave me permission to take pattern from his Yahya’s Tar .
By the help of pattern I made the second Tar that I was welcomed by Master Tluee and others. During making musical instruments I learned playing Tar from him for about one year and half.
In 1990 I got familiar with Master Hushang Zarif. I continued my learning near him at that time he didn’t with hold me to his fatherly kindness and guided me. Unfortunately from when I lost my left hand’s fingers during my work, I practiced playing tar less than before and continued making it until now


Through these recent years, I liked to have a harp/chang but I never seriously think about making it.
Since the beginning of 1996, a flake was lightened my mind which made me decide to make this nice, melancholic and ancient Iranian instrument. However, I begin to research for its information and come to make this instrument.
Through the path of this process, there were many difficulties which left behind by full time working. It suffices to say that my family and many friends were encouraged me and also by The Almighty’s compassionate, hope to make Harp in different models in its top form and revitalized this nice Iranian instrument.

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